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MGM - Videos
    Introduction to Motivational Gifts
    Why You Should Consider Your Motivational Gifts

View any of the seven following videos if your top gift mix contains any of these gifts.

    Motivational Gift - Bold Proclaimer
    Motivational Gift - Relentless Server
    Motivational Gift - Researching Teacher
    Motivational Gift - Enthusiastic Encourager
    Motivational Gift - Cautious Contributor
    Motivational Gift - Organized Leader
    Motivational Gift - Cheerful Heart (Mercy)
Motivational Gifts In Action

This is a 20 video series about participating in what God is doing. We also suggest you read Bruce Wilinson's book by the same name. Good practical application of the Spiritual State.

    Bruce Wilkinson - You Were Born For This

This is a popular video showing how "Feelings Rule" for the top gift of Cheerful Heart (Mercy).

    It's Not About The Nail

What gifts are demonstrated in this video?

    What did you do to my sign?

Motivational Gifts in action.

    Simple Acts of Kindness

TEDx Speech about serving.

    How to know your life's purpose in 5 minutes
Other Resources

Book Recommendation
Change Your Heart, Change Your Life: How Changing What You Believe Will Give You the Great Life You've Always Wanted. By Gary Smalley
Change Your Heart, Change Your Life (Amazon link)

Book Recommendation
You Were Born for This: by Bruce Wilkinson
You Were Born for This (Amazon link)

Book Recommendation
Jesus Calling - Large Print Edition By Sarah Young
Great daily devotional. The Large print edition includes Scriptural references.
Jesus Calling (Christian Book Distributors link)